Kessler&CoKessler & Co, German manufacturer leader in its sector, develops and manufactures axles, wheel drives and gearboxes with a production of 40,000 units per year, for a variety of applications, among which include:

  • Grove 3Dumper construction as Astra, Fuchs machinery, Kirow ….
  • Mobile Cranes of Liebherr, Demag, Faun, Luna, Grove, PPM, XCMG, Grove,…
  • Mining vehicles of Schopf, GHH, Sandvik, ….
  • Forklifts of Luna, Kalmar, Fantuzzi Ferrari, Ferrari CVS, PPM, Linde, Sany, etc.
  • Schopf airport vehicles.Ferrari 381
  • Kalmar port machinery, Noell, Gotwald, …

Reyca Logo 2Reyca (dealer) distribute original spare Kessler directly from the factory. We have a stock to suit the needs of our customers, as well as an Express service 24/48 hours or 3-4 days by Economy service.

How to request a quote?

Through the identification plate that is riveted on the housing of all axles, we provide the spare parts manual for the correct identification of the parts.

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We provide our customers all technical information, service manuals and catalgues in need -> Contact Kessler

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